Why won’t my house sell?


It’s a question many frustrated homeowners ask themselves. There of thousands of properties that sit on the market each year without finding a buyer so our goal is to show you how to avoid that from happening on this page.  You are going to learn exactly how to avoid owning the “house” that nobody wants to buy.


Don’t hire a Realtor…Hire A Marketer With A Real Estate License, but read this page first so you can see why!


Usually when a property does not sell, it’s either because of the way the property was positioned, its price, or a combination of the two.  Every situation is different, but the one thing I can tell you is that it can be fixed!


Putting your house listing online does not guarantee your sale.  The success of your sale is how you are positioned online.


Your property’s online presentation is the most important component in selling your home.  Your online presentation is how your home is viewed by the public. I also refer to this as “positioning”.  It’s how you “position” your home online to the public that creates urgency.  It’s no different than if we were selling a physical product.


     Is it a good deal?


     Is it in a good location?


     What are the lifestyle benefits of living here?


     Do the pictures tell the story?


     Do you have a video?


     What in your online presentation makes someone want to jump off their couch and schedule a showing today?



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