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What is the Truth on Print Advertising?


You or your agent must know how to market online to sell a house fast in today’s market.  Print marketing in real estate is DEAD.  The exception to the rule is that you are either famous or selling a very high end home that would be appropriate to market it some kind of high end print home magazine.  A good example was when Jonny Depp's house went on the market. That home is a landmark type of property both in the uniqueness of it and because of who he is.  A home like that should be featured in some kind of high end print magazines with mass distribution.  However, for the rest of us who have not been in 70+ movies, selling your house fast will be done online.


Your First Showing Will Take Place Online

My best home selling advice is that you should interview a few agents when deciding to list your home for sale.  The first thing you must know about real estate agents is that they are not all the same.  There is a reason 10% of real estate agents do 90% of the business.  


When interviewing real estate agents to list your home for sale there are some key questions you can ask them to see how good at marketing they are.  An agent’s marketing plan needs to justify the commission you are going to pay them.  If their marketing plan creates the extra exposure that results in an offer, then it’s well worth it!


One of the ways you can tell if you are hiring an agent who uses “outdated” marketing is if they emphasize a large part of their marketing plan on print advertising.  If they tell you that your home is going to go in the Sunday paper and that is a major part of their marketing plan, you should expect dismal results.  Sit back and think about it - if you are in the market to buy a property, what is the first thing you do?   Do you go out to the corner and pick up a newspaper and look in the Homes section or do you stay in bed and simply look online?




The Internet is a great tool for prospective buyers.  It’s easier for people to search out real estate information on location, see interior pictures, and watch property videos. The simplicity of searching online allows consumers to find properties they are interested in and get an idea of the location and property features.  If they like what they see online, then they schedule an in person walk through of the home.  It’s quite often that many of my clients send me listings they find online.  Even though consumers are able to search for homes online, over 85% of buyers will still use a real estate agent for the expertise to confirm the investment aspect of buying real estate.


When hiring a real estate agent the number one thing you should be concerned about is their marketing plan.



Good Types of Print Advertising

Not all print advertising is bad.  There are still some traditional print marketing tricks that do work.  I am a fan of just listed postcards.  A 'Just Listed' postcard is a postcard that alerts your local neighborhood that your home is for sale.  The best cheerleaders for your property are very often the people who live in the same neighborhood.  Sending a “Just Listed” postcard to your local community is a good way to announce to the neighborhood that your home is for sale.  Postcards and postage can be very expensive so many agents do not have the budget to carry out something like this. If the sales price of a house is $100,000, the agent is probably making less than $2,000. They would not have much room in their budget to invest money in this kind of advertising.



A real estate sign is also something that can help get the word out that your home is for sale. If you wanted to get a little creative here you could get add sign riders to your “for sale” sign describing the number of bedrooms and baths. Along with your sign you can also have an information tubes that have the property listing sheets and other neighborhood information. Have you ever taken a stroll through a neighborhood and seen an empty information box in front of a home for sale?  It’s because people take them!



If you agent is selling you on Sunday Tribune ads and brochures please give me a call!  Michelle - 724-504-0070.



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