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Federal Pacific Electrical Boxes Can Cause Fires

by Michelle GoetzingerMarch 13, 2019

Michelle walks through a home with one of her investors and discover a Federal Pacific electrical box in the basement.  This box will need to be removed immediately due to the possibility of fires.

Video Transcript:

When we first looked at this house one of the big things that we noticed is that there are three panels.  In fact this last one that you can kind of see here is a Federal Pacific.  If you have a box like that in your house you need to get an electrician out.  These are all recalled boxes from the 1950’s and the big problem is that they don’t automatically flip the circuit breaker when they are overloaded.

They just let it go, it heats up and starts a fire. one of the first things Karen did when she came in is put in all new services in and they are all 200 amp services.

That was your ‘house’ box right?

It was, and I eliminated it because the common area, the only common area was this basement.  So we are going to add lighting so that both apartments can control the lighting in the basement.


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