How to get a mortgage when you retire
By Michelle Goetzinger May 06, 2019

Michelle talks with Jason Cecco, President of Lending Heights, about a client who retired while getting a loan + a bonus story about needing 2 appraisals for a single property.

Lending Heights is not locked into a single bank when searching for the perfect loan product for their customers. This additional flexibility allows them to find the best possible loan program for your specific needs. They are not locked into what one bank offers – they have many offers to consider just for you.


Lending Heights is a mortgage broker serving the entire Greater Pittsburgh, PA region. Working with a mortgage broker (opposed to a bank) provides you additional flexibility to get the best possible loan for your situation as the mortgage broker has a wider set of banks and products to fit your needs.

Michelle Goetzinger is a realtor and home staging expert server Greater Pittsburgh. She is a marketer who happens to sell real estate! Clients love working with her laid back, get-er-done personality and rave about her ability to sell homes.

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